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Frequently asked questions

Are the paintings only available in the original sizes?

No, though most paintings are most impressive in their original sizes, this may not be suitable for everyone. That's why we offer you the option to have the reproduction painted in the size of your choice. Just tell us the size you want, and we will give you a quote for a special price as soon as possible.

I have seen cheaper paintings offered, what is the difference to the paintings you are offering?

QUALITY & SERVICE & MONEYBACK GUARANTEE. Vincent Art Gallery has built up its world-wide reputation by providing only the best. We personally inspect ALL paintings before they are dispatched in order to ensure your satisfaction. We hand select our artists who must submit a portfolio of their work in order that we consider them to work for us. Please be beware of cheaper sources - the quality and service can be inferior. Don't just take our word for it read what glowing things our customers have to say about us. (See what our customers say!)

On the videotape I saw some beautiful frames. Are these available from you as well?

Yes, every frame as seen on the videotape is available from VINCENT ART GALLERY. Prices for paintings shown on this website do not include frame.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

If, for any reason, you are not delighted with your purchased oil reproduction, you may return your oil reproduction within 30 days and we will refund the full amount of your purchase less shipping and handling. You will pay for return shipping, and all goods must be returned in perfect condition, in its original packaging, to our office in The Netherlands. Please note that Frames are excerpt from the money back guarantee.

What about the quality of the oil reproductions?

Your painting from Vincent Art Gallery will be painted on durable, high quality linen canvas. As a recreation of how the Old Masters produced their artwork, oil paint is used with exactly the same thickness and color, on a canvas of preferably the original size. These recreations are painted by dedicated Dutch artists, who have studied the style and techniques of individual Old Masters for years. In other words, they are not copied by computer or other technical means.

Is it possible to order paintings other than those listed on this website?

Yes, besides the over 2500 oil paintings you can find on this website, mostly it is possible to get a custom recreation of the painting of your choice. Just send us an example of the painting you want, and we will quote you the special  price. However, please note that due to copyright laws, this is only possible for works whose artists have been deceased for over 50 years (70 years in Europe), or with permission of the current owner.

What about delivery times?

Usually your artwork will be delivered within 6-8 weeks after your order and receipt of payment. The reason for this period is that we must allow the oil paintings to dry properly. Otherwise the paintings will get damaged during transport.

Should I order a catalogue video first?

No, this is not necessary. It is a great chance though, to see close-ups of the quality of our reproductions at large on your TV screen. This high quality videotape is very attractive to own by itself: it features 120 of the most beautiful artworks. That's only a fraction of our entire collection but gives you a good impression. Watch it yourself or show it to friends and see our artists at work, creating your painting.

Do you offer a certificate?

Yes, every painting comes with an original certificate, stating that the reproduction has been painted especially for you (name and address), to your wishes, by one of our highly talented painters.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept payment by Visa, Master/EuroCard, American Express credit card, International Money Order, Personal Check, bank transfer or cash. If paying by CASH IN LOCAL CURRENCY at current exchange rate, send by REGISTERED AIR MAIL (Insured for up to $ 1,500).

Vincent Art Gallery uses Paypal for your online transfer. Safety is first with this payment solution. All major credit cards are accepted.

It is important that you provide your email address when you order at the Vincent Art Gallery so that we may contact you in the unlikely event that there are any problems processing the order.

The usual procedure is that a payment first gets authorized. This means that the financial institution validates the payment, and in the case of a credit card payment, 'reserves' the amount for Vincent Art Gallery and deducts it from your spending limit.

Several criteria apply when you select your preferred payment method. Typically you will weigh ease of use, speed, debit vs. credit, and cost. Please observe that not all credit card companies charge in a similar way. Some may charge you an annual fee for holding their card, others may have a higher interest rate or charge a surcharge for shopping outside your home country, which is disputable if you've merely used the Internet or your telephone to shop in another country.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time! You might want to take a look at the Paypal website too:

What about international orders?

We accept orders from all over the world. All orders are shipped in sturdy packaging. We cannot ship to Post Office boxes; we must have a street address for delivery.

Other questions

If your question is not answered here, please e-mail us. You'll receive an answer within 24 hours.